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Handcrafted Jewellery

In gold, silver and platinum using precious
and semi-precious stones

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Insect Collection

Will's bees positively hum
with charm

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Personalised Jewellery

Beautiful gifts to cherish like this
Personalised Russian Bangle

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Elegant Simplicity

Take a look at Will's
Raindrop Collection

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  • Elegant sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil hammered earrings. They are approximately 4cm long and nearly 1cm wide. Light and easy to wear with a butterfly stud.

  • Lovely, simple and organic sterling silver heart hanging from a thin sterling silver snake chain.  The heart is approximately 1cm x 1.5cm and the snake chain is 1.5mm thick.  The standard length of the chain is 45cm.

    The hearts may differ slightly as they are all handmade.

  • Simple stylish silver hammered domed earrings.  The earring is approximately 1cm x 1.1cm and hangs approximately 2cm from the earlobe

  • A pretty handmade necklace with heart, little fish and pearl. The necklace is a fine sterling silver ball chain and the heart (approx 1cm)  and little fish charm (approx 1cm)  are silver and 18ct gold vermeil with a freshwater pearl set in silver.  The chain is a standard length of 45cm.

  • Bursting with style this distressed russian bangle is unique. Made from hallmarked sterling silver (hallmark tag provided), decorate it with personalised initials, charms and stones of your choice.

    To take measurement for bangle hold thumb across hand (as if putting on a bangle) and measure around the widest part and please state measurement on the order.

    Birthstone Chart

    January – Garnet (semi-precious), February – Amethyst (semi-precious), March – Aqua Marine (precious), April – Diamond (precious),  May – Emerald (precious), June – Pearl (semi-precious), July – Ruby (precious), August – Peridot (semi-precious), September – Sapphire (precious), October – Oval (precious), November – Topaz (semi-precious), December – Turquoise (semi-precious)